Great post, thanks for sharing. I was afraid it would be something along the lines of , "Eff Resident Evil, this game sucks, I'm out!" so I was very glad to see such fond and touching memories instead. I urge you to play it through to completion in your brother's name and then go back and do it with Jill! And then map… » 1/29/15 12:49pm Today 12:49pm

Charmin keeps trying to play hashtag games to get some exposure and it is so transparent, not to mention that they almost always reference shit or wiping your ass and usually miss the point pretty spectacularly. Had to call them out one night after I scrolled past a few of these... » 1/24/15 4:00am Saturday 4:00am

Sooo... planning to buy RE today. Will this code work on all platforms?? Is it a Steam discount code?? A list of platforms would be much appreciated, even if this works across all so we... know. Lots of console gamers around here, we're not all Steam junkies. » 1/20/15 2:29pm 1/20/15 2:29pm

Know what's worse than microtransactions that make a game unfair and unbalanced? Microtransactions that can be stolen by other players. The other people in the field can, quite literally, steal your money. I can appreciate DLC and even the occasional microtransaction, but I would never pay for something like this out… » 1/17/15 7:05am 1/17/15 7:05am

I'm with you. I was downloading DOA5 costumes every week until it got ridiculous... and then they continued releasing costumes for months, before switching versions and doing it all again and again. I paid way to much for that DLC, and it was all but worthless a few months to a year later. Glad I stopped when I did.… » 1/17/15 6:56am 1/17/15 6:56am

Nope, no remote play between PSP & PS4 and you also can't download anything but PS4 titles to the PS4, whereas the PS3 would let you download PSP and Vita titles and then transfer them to the handheld via USB or WiFi. The PS4 digital store doesn't display anything but PS4 games, but the PS3 will display and download… » 1/17/15 6:32am 1/17/15 6:32am