Excited to start over. I bought DOA5 on day one for PS3 and I don't even know what is happening at this point with the series. Was DOA Ultimate a separate title or was it a free to play version of the same game? I bought plenty of DLC for DOA5, but the Ultimate BS really threw me off and I just stopped paying… » 8/31/14 12:09pm Sunday 12:09pm

I only use the Android version of the app to buy things in the store and download them on Tuesdays when something big is out and I want it to be already downloaded to my PS4 and waiting for me and ready to play when I get home, or when the console is off but I want to download something for play the next time I boot… » 6/23/14 8:28pm 6/23/14 8:28pm

Everyone's got an opinion and they are entitled to it, but no one gives a shit about your negative opinion and you should learn to keep it to yourself, more often than not. Shitting on someone else's talent and creativity only makes you look like an asshole. I enjoy Pocket Princesses and there's genuine talent and… » 2/09/14 12:39pm 2/09/14 12:39pm

Seconded! Loving OlliOlli. Check out Murumasa and SuperStardust, for sure. Maybe DOA5 if you're in a fighting mood. Have to say, Senran Kagura imported from PlayAsia for my Vita was one of my best purchases. Ever. You're on the right track with Gravity Rush! » 2/07/14 8:42pm 2/07/14 8:42pm

$7, but 8 gigglebits. I was so excited for the sale, but when I saw the file size, I cringed. I'd love to get it for $7 on disc! I have too many BIG PSPlus+ games out now and coming up to sacrifice that much HD space. Hate to say it, but I'll likely wait for it free from Plus, as well. Unless that disc drops a bit in… » 2/03/14 7:41pm 2/03/14 7:41pm